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Single order

Exchange currencies online. Quick, easy and secure.

Do you want to buy or sell foreign currency and transfer the money to an account in Switzerland or abroad? No problem! You can fix the current exchange rate using our single foreign exchange order. How you benefit: From now on, you know the exact terms on which your exchange transaction will take place. When you have fixed the exchange rate, transfer the agreed amount to us to confirm your order. When the amount is credited to our account, we will initiate payment. You can exchange between CHF 1 and CHF 500,000. Your money will be on your account anywhere in the world within a few hours.

Collective order

Pay several foreign bills at the same time.

You can use our collective foreign exchange order to instruct payment of a number of different supplier's bills at the same time. Your benefit: when you place a collective order, the exchange rate is calculated on the total amount for each currency. We regret that this service is not available to private customers.

Forward transactions

Fix the exchange rate for a date in the future.

Use forward exchange transactions to fix the exchange rate now for a date in the future. That gives you a reliable basis for planning future foreign currency receipts and payments. We offer terms ranging from one week to a maximum of one year. We require a down payment to hedge the exchange rate risk. The amount of this down payment depends on the period selected, market situation and market risk and is made clear before the exchange rate is fixed. We are required to ensure physical settlement. We regret that this service is not available to private customers.

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Fees and charges

There are no fees or charges for our exchange rate services.

The only exception is for purchases of foreign currency equivalent to less than CHF 5'000.00. Here there is a foreign exchange charge of CHF 2.00. SEPA payments are free of charge. Please note that the receiving bank may charge a fee for amounts credited to customers’ accounts.

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