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You are planning to buy or sell a property abroad.

What you need is a reliable partner who can offer you security when exchanging currencies for large amounts. And, of course, the best exchange rate. As a permanent fixture in the Swiss financial center, has been offering security, reliability and the best exchange rates in Switzerland to tens of thousands of customers since 1999.

Example: You need 600,000 euros for a vacation home. With us you save up to CHF 2,280 when exchanging foreign currency.

You buy or sell foreign securities.

With us, you can exchange the foreign currencies you need securely, reliably and at the best rate in Switzerland. No matter if Euro, Pound, Dollar or CHF - at you change the 12 most important trading currencies and save money. The higher the amount you exchange, the better your conditions:

You save up to 84% exchange rate costs compared to the current bank rate.

By the way, with us all customers receive the same advantageous conditions - regardless of whether they are registered as private or corporate customers.

You want to buy or sell a car, a motor home or a boat abroad.

Our service is tailored exactly for you, because even with a one-time application our online exchange office is worthwhile.

Example: You are planning to buy a motorhome for 100'000 Euro abroad. With us you save up to CHF 1'090.- on the foreign exchange.

No hidden fees, no fixed costs, no expenses. And your account is also free of charge. Especially practical: You know the exact conditions for the currency exchange even before the exchange.

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Exchange money online

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1. Fix the exchange rate.

Register free of charge, enter the amount and currency, and the exchange rate will be fixed immediately. That means you know at once exactly how much you will receive in the other currency.

2. Transfer the amount to us.

Transfer the amount to be exchanged to us via online banking.

3. Immediate payment.

We change your money at your initially fixed rate and transfer it to your account (e.g.: your Euro account). And that within a few hours.

Change money safely and quickly online. Get the best conditions in Switzerland.
  • With us you can fix the current exchange rate and know immediately which conditions will apply to your currency exchange.
  • Guaranteed no hidden charges. Our currency calculator shows exactly what you get for your money. And that won’t change.
  • With us you can easily transfer money from your bank account to your foreign currency account. You don't need to have a bank account with us.
  • Your money will be back on your account within a few hours.
    (e.g. on your euro account).
  • Your account does not incur any fees. There are no fixed costs.
  • It makes no difference which bank you do your business with.
  • We can change any of the 12 leading currencies for you.
  • You get the best exchange rates in Switzerland.
  • Of course you can use eBill too.
Tools for managing your foreign exchange

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Our pricing

Guaranteed no hidden charges.

  • Your account does not incur any fees. There are no fixed costs.
  • We do not charge any fees or expenses for currency exchanges.
  • We guarantee that our prices will not entail any hidden charges for your company. How you benefit: You know right away what you get for your money – and that will not change. Our currency calculators present transparent results: the higher the exchange amount, the better your quotation at