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For our business customers

Currency exchange

Single order

You buy or sell currencies and want to transfer the money into any account within or outside of the country. With our individual currency exchange order you set a current exchange rate and know on which terms you will settle the transaction. After you have set the exchange rate, you transfer the agreed equivalent value to us based on an order confirmation. After receiving your credit we will release the corresponding payment.

Currency exchange

Forward transaction

In the case of forward exchange transactions, the exchange rate is already set now for a later date. You thus receive a reliable basis for calculating future foreign exchange revenues or expenditure. You can choose a period from one week to a maximum of one year. We require a deposit to hedge the price risk. The amount of the deposit is defined based on the duration, market situation and market risk, and is shown transparently before the exchange rate is set. A physical transaction is required.

Currency exchange

Collective order

With our collective currency exchange order you can commission a number of supplier invoices at the same time. With the collective order you benefit from an exchange rate calculated on the basis of the total amount per currency.

Fees and expenses

Currency exchanges are usually free of charge. Only foreign currency purchases under a volume of 5’000 Swiss francs equivalent value are subject to a foreign currency fee of 2.00 Swiss francs.

SEPA payments are free. Please note that recipient banks can charge a fee on incoming transactions of their customers.

Trading hours

Monday 6 AM to friday 7 PM during 24h

Office hours

Monday to friday: 8 - 12 AM and 1:30 to 5:30 PM

8 advantages of

  1. Tradeable and definable exchange rates 24 hours a day; only possible at The trading platform is closed over the weekend.

  2. You may rely on the services of a Swiss family business.

  3. You benefit from special terms just like a large company.

  4. At one glance you will see how much money you can save compared to your usual bank.

  5. You can exchange the 12 most important traded currencies easily and conveniently with a mouse click.

  6. Current, transparent exchange rates even if you are not yet one of our customers. Test our demo version or the price comparison.

  7. You have the comforting assurance that all transactions will be verified: We ensure that each individual transaction is plausible and transparent.

  8. You can even buy or sell your foreign currencies by phone. It just takes one call: 061 406 97 97.